Q. Why you should buy Banner Ad or Advertisement?

Answer.  Advertise Rightly. You don’t want to blend in, your business needs to stand out from the crowd, and that’s where our unique Advertisement or Banner Ad proposition comes in. Our Banner Advertising sets your business apart from the competition.


    Description of Banner Ad or Advertisement


A. Max 2 Digital Banner or Advertisements (Scrolling) will be displayed on the home page or other website pages of Wellnessta optimized to devise its being displayed as per pre-determined size.


B. Banner Ad or Advertisements positions are fixed and are as below:

  1. Top of the Page
  2. Bottom of the Page

C. Each Banner Ad or Advertisements is displayed for a period of 15 days.


D. The cost of each Banner Ad or Advertisements will depend on the Wellnessta page you choose and the City of your outlet for the Banner position

  1. Wellnessta Home Page Nationally
  2. Wellnessta Home Page Specific to City or Town
  3. Wellnessta Search Result Pages Specific to City or Town
  4. All Other Wellnessta Pages Specific to City or Town

E. You will have to mention the date from which you want to publish the Banner Ad or Advertisements.


F. Banner Ads and positioning are subjected to availability.


G. Payment will be 100% advance, non-cancellable and non-refundable.


Q.  How you can buy our Banner/ Advertisement?




  1. Login to wellnessta.com Vendor page Clicks on Banner under Add on services on Vendor panel. Fill in the Banner form, upload the banner Ads, Select the dates you want to book the advertisement in the start and end date boxes. Select the city or cities you wish to advertise.
  2. Once this banner is submitted, the same will go for admin approval.
  3. Once your banner is approved on our parameter, we will send you the payment link on your Email. Click on the link and pay.


Banner Displayed 


We will publish the banner on the day you have mentioned in the form.