Q. What is Spotlight?

Answer. Spotlight Announcement is our paid news announcement flash section. In this section you can brag about your outlet, services, anything new with which you are coming up and think will be beneficial for customers. Wellnessta Spotlight is the place for you to announce to any news and take the leadership stand in your community and where your customers are.


 Q. Why you should buy spotlight?

Answer. If you think that “you use best quality products in the Spa, or you have best therapist in your Naturopathy Centers, or you have best Yoga instructors - every outlet claims the same. But for telling this to mass, you need to start bragging about what makes your business so special. Give more reasons to your customers to choose you. In other words, find your niche and start shouting it from the rooftops.

Use Wellnessta as a platform to announce what makes you stand apart from others with new news you want to communicate to your Customers. to consumers.

  • Works like news ticker. Latest and recent Spotlight announcement appear on top and older ones moves down.
  • Only 10 to 12 paid news announcements are allowed per day.
  • On Home Page, Spotlight Section is displayed in top menu bar prominently so that more and more customer click it.
  • Spotlight announcements are made part of the Wellnessta daily email newsletter. Means you can reach out to customers who are not visiting website or opening apps.
  • Your article can be of up to 1000 words with 1 or 2 images and can embed video or contain video link.
  • Spotlight can be scheduled for a particular date if it’s being booked well in advance subjected to availability.

Q. How to buy a Spotlight announcement?

Answer. Follow the steps given to purchase and book Spotlight announcement:

  1. Login to Vendor Dashboard on Wellnessta Select Spotlight Section on left bar Click Add Spotlight Fill the Form Submit.
  2. Once this form is submitted, it will go for Editorial approval for the richness and goodness of the content.
  3. We will send you Editor Approved text with a payment link.
  4. You will be needed to approve the Editor Approved text and make necessary payment using the link.
  5. Once payment is made, we will publish your Spotlight Announcement as per scheduled date agreed by you in your approval.