Q. How does Wellnessta show the listing of the outlets?

Answer. With every search, day after day and every time, Wellnessta randomly changes outlets among the listed outlets to show at the top in an organic way. So, each and every outlet gets changed to be at the top. To explain, while a consumer searches, an outlet one day/ time may appear in top listed and some other day/ time the same outlet may appear in the bottom of the search results organically.  


Q.  What is Sponsor Listing?

Answer. The sponsored listings are actually; area wise promoted listings which changes your outlet positioning in the listing and show your outlet at first few spots in the listing of search results. Sponsored listings clearly marked with “Sponsored” box.

Being amongst in the top listed outlets may lead to increase in sale of your outlet, as the study shows customers are most often to choose among the top listing outlets.


Q. What does sponsor listing do?

Answer. Sponsor listing is one of the most efficient ways to boost sales by just changing your outlet positioning in the listing. Wellnessta boosts your outlet from their normal positions in the search results to first few spots in the listing search results from the top for a particular time period only. You just need to contact Wellnessta team to opt for sponsor listing. 


Q. What does area wise sponsor listing mean?

Answer.  Area wise sponsor listing mean that your outlet will be displayed in your city with a radius of 3km in the search results to first few spots in the listing search results. The sponsor listing outlets change randomly so the probability of your outlet to be at the top also increases. 


Q.  Does wellnessta Sponsor Listings really work?

Answer.  The short answer? Yes.

Promoted Listings are a great tool for boosting your items in the search results and can have a really positive impact on sales. Depending on how competitive your outlet category is.