Q. What is a Wellnessta Verified Outlet?


Answer. Any outlet with a verified tag on their Wellnessta profile is a verified outlet – it's to let your customer know that you are trustworthy and meet Wellnessta quality standards. The Verified Tag is valid for a year and will need renewal every year.


Q. Why does the wellnessta verify an outlet?


Answer. We Verify your outlet to establish the authenticity of the outlets on Wellnessta. Verified Outlet is one who have meet the Wellnessta verification standards and for a particular time period only. While we keep tweaking our prerequisites for Verification, it is broadly used to acknowledge the effort put in by the Wellness Centre owners who maintain the good quality standards, luxury amenities, and happy customers that help the wellness seekers know you better before they arrive at your facility. We want to shout out to everyone else that we've personally meet the outlet owners we Verify, and we check that their outlet has met each and every checkbox of Wellnessta Verification.

By getting your outlet verified customers will have a sense of approval or certification of your outlet and this will make the customer choose your outlet amongst the other non-verified ones.


Q. How do you get a verify outlet?


Answer. We have an industry-specific standard checklist, which is prepared by the Wellnessta team with joint efforts of the Auditors who are experts in Wellness Service & Hospitality Auditing. If you think, you offer quality service to your customer and will meet our criteria for Verification, so why are you waiting now. Quickly apply no here for the verification process of your outlet. We have a process fees to verify your outlet.



Q. Who will verify the outlet?


Answer. We have engaged a third party as Audit Agency for verification purpose and to maintain the neutrality and unbiased review and rating in verification of your outlet. Once you pay the fee, we will send our Auditing Agency who will physically review your outlet and check on various measures, score/ grade according to the predefined Wellnessta Verified Checklist. We do accept requests for outlet Verification, you must meet the standard of Wellnessta verification and then only you will earn or receive Verified tag.


Q. What will happen if my outlet doesn’t qualify for the verified tag?


Answer. If you get failed to match the standard of Wellnessta Verification, nothing to worry about. We will give a 2nd chance to you to make your outlet ready for the next Audit round within the period of two months. If you need, we can guide you on the various measures, scoring of verification.



Q. Will I get refund if my outlet fails to meet verification standard?


Answer. After 2nd chance of verification if you do not match the qualifying standards your application will be rejected. We would not be able to refund the verification fees. It takes a lot of effort and money to do the process. Please note this before paying the fee for Wellnessta Verified Certificate/ Tag.


Q. Why hasn’t my account been verified even after matching the standard? Can I ask wellnessta to verify my profile?


Answer. If you think you meet the criteria for Verification and have not yet received a verification certificate, please be patient. We are working on an ongoing basis to Verify accounts that are helpful to the wellness community.


Q. Do verify accounts get access to extra features?


Answer. No, they don’t. Outlets are verified for their quality standards, luxury amenities, and happy customers for wellness services and expressing that through their service and pictures on Wellnessta. The verified outlets will be shows in the verified section and with the verified tag.


Q. Can one lose their verified status?


Answer. Yes. Outlet can lose their Verified status if they’re found to be in violation of our wellnessta verification standard. We expect Business Owners with Verified outlet to set great examples for the wellness community.