Q. How can I validate the bookings of Customers?

Answer. All bookings of your will get reflected on your Dashboard. Our Vendor Android and iOS App have a QR Code scanner feature. At the time of check-in, customers will show you QR code on his mobile which you can scan from the Vendor App to validate the authenticity of booking. You can also validate booking through Booking ID.


Q.   What if I cancel or decline a booking?

Answer. The full amount (included convenience fee) has to be refunded to the customer in case you cancel a booking.

Please know that if you cancel booking your rating on Wellnessta may fall and you may attract negative customer reviews. In case, due to forced reasons you are not able to offer honor Wellnessta bookings, it is advised to deactivate your booking option on Wellnessta or reach out to customers who have already made bookings at your outlet well in advance.


Q.  How will I know about the cancellation of the booking?

Answer. If the customer cancels the appointment, we will notify you by SMS and Email. Post cooling off period of half an hour, if there is any no show of booking, the customer will not be refunded the booking amount.


Q.  What if the customer does not turn up or no-show case?

Answer. In case the customer does not come for service on expiry of 30 minutes cooling off period and he/she did not cancel the appointment, then there would not be any refund to the customer. This will be treated as a service offered. However, a customer may raise a complaint ticket with our customer care and in such case, matter will be investigated by our team for a resolution. Your payment will be processed as per the terms post-resolution.