Q.  How can I upgrade the subscription?

Answer: We have monthly and yearly plan options. You can also upgrade to the higher plan in between the cycle and your remaining days will be adjusted with the new plan days or once your plan is expired you can switch to any plan you wish for. You can upgrade by going to “Change subscription” and select the plan of your choice. Once the payment is successful, the upgraded plan will become active.


Q.  What happens when I downgrade my subscription plan?

Answer: When you downgrade from a higher paid plan to a lower paid plan, you will not be able to use the features of the higher plan. Be assured, you will not lose your data. You will continue using them once you upgrade again. When you downgrade to a free plan, you have access to limited features only. 


Q. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Answer: No. We are not abiding you with any contact. You can delete your account any time you want. When you delete your account, all details will be permanently deleted. Where you can delete - https://vendor.wellnessta.com/account/change_password 


Q. What will happen to the advance payment if I want to cancel the current subscription?

Answer. Sorry, we do not offer a refund or cancel the subscription before the expiry date. You have the option of choosing to upgrade or cancel auto-renewal(in case of a monthly plan) on your selected subscription plan. Notification of subscription renewal or expiry will be sent to you. 


Q. Does the commission changes with the amount, what are the sections of the amount in reference to the commission asked?

Answer.  No, you will be charged commission based on the subscription plan you select. Our commission will be fixed irrespective of the amount of service and type of outlet you are.


Q. How much percentage of commission will be charged by you?

Answer. The commission charged on the booking depends on the subscription plan you choose. For more details visit Wellnessta Subscription plans please click here.

Q. How can I cancel my auto-renewal for the subscription?

Answer. You can go to “Change my Subscription” and click on “Cancel Autorenewal”.

Q. Is there any option for auto-renewal in yearly plans?

Answer. No. We do not have an option for auto-renewal in yearly plans.