Q. What is Wellnessta?

Answer.   We are India’s true online booking aggregator/ market-place for Beauty Salon, Spa, Ayurvedic Massage, Fitness & Meditation, Yoga, and Naturopathy service providers.  Today, consumers buy food and movie tickets online, they book flights and hotels online, why can’t we give them a platform where they can book their next massage or treatment online? We bridge the gap between offline to online, leverage on the power of offline, it’s simple - we bring you, customers, when you have empty seats!

With Wellnessta you will:

  • Acquire new customers.
  • Build a customer database for genuine customers
  • List your services for free and promote your business
  • Know your customer’s genuine feedback.
  • Marketing opportunity with our Banner Advertisement, Verified Listing, and Spotlight features.


Q. How can I register on Wellnessta?

Answer. You can register with us by clicking here.

Q. What are the benefits of joining Wellnessta?

Answer.  The list of benefits is long. Some of the many benefits are listed below:

  • Embed our “Book Now” button on your website and offer consumers live booking on your website.
  • Increased sales: We bring you, customers, when you have empty seats, we help you to fill all your empty seats by using online as a tool.
  • Online exposure: Leverage the power of online, list with us, and increase your online visibility.
  • Free listing: We help you list your services on Wellnessta without any charge.
  • Free marketing: Your listing with us is like advertising your services online where customers are looking for your kind of service.
  • Acquire new customers: We will help you acquire new customers and increase your sales!
  • Online exposure: The importance of being online today is vital, you receive a free online presence! For more details please click here.
  • Efficient Payroll Management and Inventory Management.

Q. After I join the business, what do I have to do next?

Answer.  Once Register your Outlet, you will be asked to submit documents to help us verify your business/ outlet. Like your GST number and business account details. It helps us to serve you better. Outlet name should be the same as on GST Registration Certificate. And once the verification formalities are completed, you can create your services and other functionalities with the help of guidance available on Wellnessta. If you face any issues, you can send us an inquiry and we will contact you to set up your account and train you on our platform. Selling online has never been easier! You can upload your outlet photos, deals offer to attract customers.

Q. What is your booking software and how much I have to pay to use your software?

Answer. Wellnessta software is completely free for your usage of basic features. You can manage your appointments and bookings using our software for free. Other features of the software are completely based of the subscription package you select. To know about our subscription plans, clicking here.

Q. What hardware I require?

Answer.  Wellnessta software is cloud-based so you can log into your Wellnessta account from any device using an internet browser or through Android or iOS Vendor App anytime, anywhere. We do not have any special hardware requirements and as a result, Wellnessta will work with any hardware that is compatible with your device.


Q.  Is there any risk in registering or is it risk-free?

Answer. Yes, registering with Wellnessta has zero risks, listing with us and promoting your services is completely free and get going!


Q. Is there any cost to join Wellnessta?

Answer.  There are no costs at all, it’s completely risk-free and with no cost with our free listing. However, we have different pricing for different subscription plans to suit your business goals and requirement. For more details about the Pricing of the Plan click here.


Q.  Is GSTIN mandatory to be able to work with Wellnessta and receive payments?

Answer. Yes, you need to provide us with your GSTIN Registration Certificate to be able to sell offers on wellnessta.com. In case you are not eligible for a GSTIN, you’d need to furnish proof to corroborate the same. A GST form (valid GSTIN number or exemption note) needs to fill at the time of offer creation which is verified by our systems for invoicing purposes.


Q.  Do you have any referral programs? 

Answer. Yes. We do have a vendor referral program wherein you can refer other vendors to join Wellnessta. For more information click here.


Q. How can I contact you if I have any technical or site-related queries? 

Answer. You can contact us through the below modes:

1. check the step-by-step instructions by click here.

2. Contact us via email at partnership@wellnessta.com  

3. Call us at +91 89561 98979 (Monday-Sunday, 10 AM-8 PM).

Q. What report and analytics I can generate on Wellnessta?

Answer. We will provide you reports related to the booking, payments, the membership purchased, you can export all of your reports, appointments, etc. on your page at any moment:


Q. How to delete the account permanently?

Answer.  You can follow the steps given below to delete the Wellnessta account permanently:

1. Click on "Change Password" from the profile option.

2. Scroll down to "Delete Account" and click on "Delete".

Q. What will happen to my data if I delete my account permanently?

Answer. Wellnessta will keep the data for a maximum period of 1 year from the day you delete your account.

Q. Can I re-start my account after deleting it permanently?

Answer. You can raise a request with the customer support team within one year and they will check the option if the account can be restarted.


Q. How to temporarily close the account?

Answer.  You can follow the steps given below to temporarily close the wellnessta account:

1.  You can follow the steps given below to temporarily close the account.

2. Click on "Change password" from the profile option.

3. Scroll down to "Temporarily close" and select the duration for which you want to close it.

4. After filling in the details, click on "Submit".