While creating the outlet, we recommend uploading the Logo and pictures/videos in order to showcase your outlet and attract more customers online.

While uploading the photos & videos, please keep the below points in mind:

1. The logo or picture or video should not contain your contact information(phone, email, or address).

2. The photos should be clear and attractive. We also have the facility to create a portfolio for you at very nominal charges. To know more click here.

3. We advise to take pictures of the outlet from different angles so that the customer can have a good idea of the facility.

4. We do not approve photos of brides/grooms/individuals in the gallery due to the copyright infringement act.

5. After uploading photos, it is subjected to the approval by the Wellnessta. The Wellnessta reserves the right to remove/reject photos/videos in case they are unfit for approval.

In order to upload the photos/videos, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to "Manage your Outlet" and click on "Add Outlet"(if the outlet is not yet created else go to step 2)

2. Go to  "Manage your Outlet" and click the edit box.

3.  Upload the logo. Please use a square image of minimum dimensions 400*400 px, maximum file size: 2 MB

4.  Enter all the details carefully and click on "Save and Continue".

5.   In the "Outlet Gallery" section, enter a brief description of your outlet and upload photos/videos.  Only Landscape images to be uploaded in the gallery. Image size should be  minimum 600*350 pixel for photos. Maximum size allowed is 2 MB.

6.   Once done, click on "Save and Continue" and enter all details about the "Outlet Services".

7. Click on "Preview and Finish" to save the changes.