Q. What Type of Payment do you accept?

Answer.  We accept payment via third party payment gateway. You can pay yearly/Monthly subscriptions with your net-banking, UPI apps or visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards.


Q.  In which mode can a vendor pay for the service like spotlight, banner, advertisement, etc.?

Answer. All add-on features or services of Wellnessta can be bought by you online and you can pay online using various options like Credit Card, Debit Card, IMPS, Net Banking or UPI Wallet etc.


Q.  When vendor purchase any service and payment is done successfully, how they receives the payment confirmation mail and SMS notification. Do they get it from Razor pay or from Wellnessta? – Subscription page

Answer:  All notifications are sent from our system(wellnessta).


Q. How much time will it take for the payment made by customer to reach my account?

Answer. We use third party service as payment gateway, which allows payment settlements of Vendors on a prefixed cycle post the reconciliation of accounts. The complete process takes a time of T+2* business days for domestic transactions, T being the date of capture of payment. (Please note - Settlement cycle is subject to bank approval and can vary based on your business vertical, risk factor etc.) 


Q. When will I receive payout, before or after the service is offered?

Answer. We use Razor pay Anytime Payment Gateway, which allows payment settlements of Vendors on a prefixed cycle post the reconciliation of accounts. You need not to do anything, your payment will get credited in your bank account on a pre-fixed cycle of payment settlements. You can understand the same by below diagram.  

Reference: https://razorpay.com/settlement/ 


Q. Where do I receive payout and what would be the mode of payout?

Answer.  The payout will be credited to the bank account which you have submitted at the time of account setup. The mode of payment would be online wire transfer. It will be NEFT or IMPS or RTGS depend of amount.


Q. How can I check the refund policy?

Answer. You can check wellnessta policy about refund on our website which can be accessed using https://vendor.wellnessta.com/terms-and-condition


Q. If the payment is not received by the vendor and payment is made by the customer, will the service be cancelled? 

Answer.  No, if the customer has made the payment, you will be liable to provide services to customer as per the booking. You will get the payment in a week time or as per our pay-out terms for vendors on a pre-decided cycle.


Q. Return payment process for cancellation of any opted services of Wellnessta?

Answer. Sorry, A service or package once bought or purchased as add-on feature can’t be cancelled. Hence, we cannot refund the amount paid for any services.