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1.1. "Wellnessta" means Wellnessta Private Limited, a corporation organised under the Companies Act; authorised to carry on business in India to carry on the business of providing all types of e-commerce services including providing cloud software, buying and selling of solutions and options and related consultancy services either directly or indirectly or through brokers or licensees and also providing franchising and management services, publishing content online, print or any medium in India or outside India either singly or jointly or in Partnership with any person(s) or Body corporate or partnership Firm.


1.2. “Wellnessta Platform” (which includes any of Wellnessta’s websites and mobile applications. 


1.3. Third Party Merchants (“TPM”) includes affiliates of Wellnessta and Service Providers which are enabled to list goods or provide services through Wellnessta Platform to Wellnessta Members.  





Aarogya Setu (the bridge for liberation from disease) is an Indian open-source COVID–19 "contact tracing, syndromic mapping and self-assessment" digital service, primarily a mobile app, developed by the National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). It is designed to augment the  initiatives of Government of India by informing the people of their potential risk of COVID-19 infection and the best practices to be followed to stay healthy, as well as providing them  relevant and curated medical advisories, as per MoHFW and ICMR guidelines, pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Wellnessta has made it mandatory for all partner vendors and their employees to download the Arogya Setu Application for everyone’s safety purposes. This is a climbdown from the ministry’s order on May 1 2020, which stated that the app would be “mandatory for all employees, both private and public”. 

For more details on Aarogya Setu clik on the link: “Aarogya Setu app link


TPM are required safety of all personnel at all times and to download the Arogya Setu Application and to update the same on Wellnessta Website along with name and other details as may be required by Wellnessta. In addition, the TPM and their personnel are required to comply with the following:  

3.1. Ensure that the premise is cleaned, fumigated and sanitized at regular intervals to ensure there is no accumulation of fungal, bacterial and pest issues;

3.2. Highlight the importance of hygiene and social distancing protocols through signages; 

3.3. Introduce frequent and rigorous cleaning in all our workspaces;

3.4. Extra attention to ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles, light switches, lift operating buttons and arm rests;  

3.5. Implement mandatory temperate checks and monitoring for every individual who enters the and leaves the premises. The high traffic areas in the premise / workplace to be monitored using infrared cameras; and 

3.6. Ensure that every staff / personnel are following the WHO’s best practices with respect to the establishments inclusive of staff awareness, sanitizing and ensuring that all the products and inventories are cleaned properly.



Wellnessta shall not be liable or held responsible for any non-compliance, non-adherence and or violation by TPM of any polices sated in Aarogya Setu. Further TPM shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Wellnessta against all liabilities, damages, losses, costs or expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses) arising out of any suit, claim, or proceeding (a “Claim”) for violation or infringement of any non-compliance, non-adherence and or violation by TPM of any polices sated in Aarogya Setu.